Fandoms in Minecraft

kohaiinthestreets said: Can you make Nepeta? :33

Nepeta Leijon

Anonymous said: :OO HOW ABOUT MARCELINE??


Name of Character: Chihiro Fujisaki
Picture of Character: image
Fandom*: Dangan Ronpa
Additional Notes: Please. :3


Thank you for using the submission form! ^^

Chihiro Fujisaki

Anonymous said: chiaki nanami, ibuki mioda, kyouko kirigiri, mukuro ikusaba, and sonia nevermind skins please?

May as well take down the submission box. Everyone uses the ask box…

Chiaki Nanami

Ibuki Mioda

Kyouko Kirigiri

Mukuro Ikusaba

Sonia Nevermind


Now presenting…

ZONE 0 FROM OFF, MADE BY ME(Minecraft name: Xiaothedrawer)

(Note: This map was made in version 1.5.2, but can possibly be converted to fit 1.6.)


  • Dialogue from The Judge, The Batter, and Sugar!
  • A secret room where you find Sugar! (Hint: It’s under the floor)
  • A stick!(Which is supposed to be a bat)
  • Zone 0’s puzzles! (They don’t work; I’m not savvy with Minecraft technology.)
  • Cookies as Luck Tickets and Apples as Silver Flesh!

If this gets enough notes, I will make Zone 1! (GASP!)


Anonymous said: I would love more Equius! And Aradia if possible!

More Equius and Aradia coming up!

Shadesless Equius

Maid Equius(Teehee)


zeheal-arbum said: I would put this in the requests but the search bar is over it so I can't click it. Why not do a Gamzee or an attack on titan skin?

Whoops. I’ll change my theme later.

(Or you can just click this link)

Gamzee Makara (because I don’t watch Attack on Titan sorry)

I would appreciate it if people used the submission form in the future, though!

creeperbunny said: Make a uuuuuuuuuuuu... Wait do you only do homestuck skins?

Nope! This is an all-fandom blog!

If you check, I have made Homestuck, OFF, Puella Magi, and Doctor Who skins already!

Anonymous said: you have no idea how much i love equius

No I do not!

Would you like some more Equius to go with that Equius?

A Tavros requested an Equius skin in a chatroom…

Here ya go buddy.